Summer 4: Stenberg

Last time: Chris ages up to toddler and then child.  Frieda is born.  Anthony brings home a couple of kids after school.  Frieda become a toddler.  Other than fishing and gardening, not much going on here.  We leave off with Lunark pregnant once again.

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Summer 4: Ayodele

The Ayodele’s are great at procreating, but suck at making cold hard cash.  Flavio and Synne are horrified to get the notice that they are poorest family.  They either need to buckle down on their kids, or hope to marry them all off into wealthy families.

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Summer 3: Stavros

Last time: Veronica was starting to think she was infertile.  With only one female child, the worry was that their family name was cease to exist.  When she finally gets pregnant, she has a miscarriage (as mention earlier, this module is no longer in the game).  At the end of the season, Monica becomes a child and Veronica manages to get knocked up.

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Summer 3: Chambers

Last time: Charles and Caleb aged up.  Caleb has eyebrows that didn’t match his hair.  That might have to be fixed (eventually).  They ended up with a mixed set of twin babies, Peter and Priscilla.  Not much else happened as they were very, very poor.

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Summer 3: Ayodele

Last time, Synne and Flavio only got together long enough to get pregnant two times.  Neither one actually likes the other and are stuck with each other.  They are the parents of two sets of twins, one male set and one female set.

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