Round 2 Stats

Sims2EP9 2015-04-04 16-18-16-88

Taxes Paid:  $13,500
Fees:  $500 (Jordan/Paul marriage)
ROS RecipientsJustin Ratner and Jordan Russell.
Births:  10
Weddings: 1
Divorces: 1
Fires: 2
Electrocutions: 1


  • Divorces will now cost $1,000.
  • The marriage fee was not paid yet, so that will be added to the next round.
  • This is the last round for the Nepheris version of the BACC.  I already have the Original version spreadsheet made out for the next time.

Sims2EP9 2015-04-04 16-17-35-76

  • This is what it will look like, but I am probably going to switch out spreadsheets at some point.  The main reason for the rule switch is because I need to get these sims off their home lot and away from massive procreation spurts.  I need a break people!

ROS Rolls
Roll 1:  Jordan Fayers
Yard makeover

Roll 2: Justin Ratner
Overcome by Passion: Sim must drop everything and woohoo RIGHT NOW, 3 times. Choose spouse/partner or highest daily rel. if single. No mood cheats allowed, but Sims may satisfy a critical need – but then back to the bed!


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