Round 3 Stats


Sims: 49
Households: 7
Playable Sims: 47
Deaths:  2

CAS-Sims Available: -4
Community Lots: 7
* Owned: 6
* NPC: 1
SM: 3
Population: 147

Fires: 3
Electrocutions: 1
Graves: 2
Taxes collected:  $58,250

Architecture: 0/1 (Paul Russell)
Business: 1/3 (Tobias O’Hara)
Criminal: 0/1 (Louise Ratner)
Law Enforcement: 0/1 (Justin Ratner)
Slacker: 1/1

Hot Tub Heaven (Russell Fayers) Rank 10
O’Hara’s Pub (Tobias O’Hara) Rank 1
Hopson’s Arcade (Ellen Walters) Rank 10
Hopson’s Motors (Ellen Walters) Rank 5
Club V (Mable Bryan) Rank 10

Community Earned Lots:
Paw Pet Park


  • Lots and lots of kids born this time around.  I hope next round is quieter.
  • Justin Ratner is listed having the Law Enforcement job.  He will give it up for Doreen unless we unlock a second opening next round.
  • I also just realized I have two business openings.  I will be filling those up next round along with the slacker opening.
  • I know it seems like I have a lot of girls, but I counted and there are 23 males (of which two are deceased) and 26 females.

ROS Rolls

Roll 1: Mable Bryan
Large lottery prize!! (d6 x 10,000) $20,000.

Roll 2: Scott Hopson
Death by Car accident

Mega Disaster: Nothing happens.


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