Site Maintenance Sunday, Part 1

Due to the lengthy absence, I am going through the site and making sure the whole thing is correct.  I am noticing missing sims in the family directory and a lot of stuff that needs to be updated.  I mass uploaded all of my backlog of posts from this week so that I can start tomorrow fresh and with updated links and information.

New pages:
The Pets of Shademoor
ROS Rolls
Catherine Lewis – Not Complete
Hans Lewis – Not Complete
Regina Lewis – Not Complete
Stephan Benson – Not Complete
Angela Fayers
Moonstar Ratner

Family Page updates
Andrew O’Hara
Yvette O’Hara
Sherry O’Hara
Tobias O’Hara
Pets:  Brinks, Honey, Duchess

Lewis Gibson
Eric Gibson
Frank Gibson

Fern Fayers
Terrence Fayers
Edmund Fayers
Randy Fayers

Michael Hopson
Sabrina Hopson

Ellen Walters
Charles Walters
Steve Walters
Meredith Walters
Pet: Scout

Louise Ratner
Rose Ratner
Tyler Ratner
Curtis Ratner
Moonstar Ratner
Pets: Clay (d),Madras, Onyx

Next Sunday I will hopefully be able to start with the Bryan household the rest.



Update neighborhood layout and there is even a new header image for the blog.


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