27. Proctor

Round 6
Proctor Household
Earn Your House Challenge

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 20-35-18-50

Polly Proctor makes up our 27th household (24 if you don’t count the University visits).

I have been enjoying giving these latest households challenges, so Polly is going to start the Earn Your Home challenge today.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 20-35-39-33

Her money only got her a shell of a house with a bed.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 20-39-09-06

So, she gets to dig to furnish the rest of the room.  Her first career is Education (but only because the first two she rolled were locked to her).  Even though she is college educated, she only starts at level 3 due to not having any friends.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 20-52-01-30

She now has wallpaper and flooring, a bathroom and kitchen area.  Her latest addition was a phone, so now she can befriend people.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 20-56-16-46

Or not.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 20-57-56-56

This guy walked by, so I woke up Polly to greet him.  Loralie walked by soon after and Polly laughs at her because Loralie doesn’t understand the Chest Pound yet.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 20-58-53-97

ACR hits and I’m not amused.  Polly and Keith McDonald have 0 bolts.  Loralie seems to be either upset they are kissing in front of her or jealous because she hasn’t gotten her first kiss yet.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-02-21-96

They go on a quick date to keep him from leaving due to the late hour.  Polly falls in love with a romance sim she still has 0 bolts for.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-11-07-06

Life continues on for Polly.  She earned a promotion to level 4 and then 5, but got demoted due to a bad chance card.  She still has to greet walkbys to make friends.  Her latest friend is Cooper Parker, they have 2 bolts!

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-12-19-12

He doesn’t have a job, but he claims to have money.  This could very well be a lie to get into the house room.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-14-05-90

Keith, her date from the previous night never left her a bouquet (the cheapskate), so she asks Cooper on one hoping to get that $55 from him.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-22-49-46

This is really date #2 the next night.  She had a want for woohooing Cooper, so we got the hot tub from her reward points.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-28-51-49

Cooper wants to get married and Polly wants to get engaged and married to Cooper.  She proposed before leaving for work.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-36-51-51

She makes it to career level 6 and rewards herself by hanging out home alone and randomly working on her logic skill or soaking in the hot tub.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-37-14-09

Methinks someone had a bit too much fun in the hot tub!

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-39-45-45

Polly needs yet another friend for a promotion.  She is enjoying her alone time too much to invite anyone over, so she is now just chatting with Andrew O’Hara.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 21-46-20-96

This is seriously how Polly survives at this point.  I think this is her 2nd one and it’s the last day of the season.  I kept hoping for date gifts, so Cooper hasn’t moved in yet.  He did give her two bouquets though.

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 22-40-36-86

The house so far.  I’m not quite sure what we’ll do with the baby at this point.

I might move the bookcase outside (only career objects can be out there) and put a crib in that spot.  We’ll see next season!

Sims2EP9 2016-09-17 22-42-39-01

Polly is a knowledge/family who wants to be education minister.
4/7/8/3/3, Gemini


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