This used to be a legacy blog for Sims 2 and 3 which failed because my computer died and nothing could be saved.  I will be keeping the Legacy Scoresheet up for you, don’t worry.

I am switching this to Random Challenges across Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4.  I need a place where I can dump stuff without having to start a new blog each and every time.

Challenges can be a single generation or they can be several.  I will be keeping a running list of everything I come across that sounds interesting.

The first challenge is in Sims 4 by Pinstar and it is called the Wonder Kid Challenge.  It was started last night.  I have removed all career, school and skill building mods.  I have left in things like remembering to put your homework in your inventory, lighting mods, camera mods, going to the bathroom before going to bed.  Stuff like that.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take out my babies for everyone mod and that KICKED MY ASS!  Kicked it with steel toed boots even.  So my wish to have a single child for this challenge FAILED.   Kids, don’t have that mod if you want a nice game.


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