Ellen Walters


Name: Ellen Walters, previously Ellen Hopson
Maiden Name: Fayers
Life Stage: Adult
Age: 43
Sign: Virgo
Personality:  9/2/6/3/5
Siblings: Olive Fayers (triplet 2) Russell Fayers (d) (triplet 3)
Partner: Scott Hopson (d), Charles Walters
Children: Michael Hopson, Sabrina Hopson, Nathaniel Walters (d), Kayla Walters (d), Sylvia Walters (d), Steve Walters, Meredith Walters.
Aspiration: Popularity/Family
Lifetime want: Graduate 2 children from college.
Job:  Business, level 9
Hobby:  Science

Ideal Family Size (IFS): 1 child
Birth Control: Yes.
Gender Preference: Straight

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