ROS Rolls


Round 1

Free pass season

Round 2

Roll 1:  Jordan Fayers
Yard makeover
Roll 2: Justin Ratner
Overcome by Passion: Sim must drop everything and woohoo RIGHT NOW, 3 times. Choose spouse/partner or highest daily rel. if single. No mood cheats allowed, but Sims may satisfy a critical need – but then back to the bed!

Round 3
Roll 1: Mable Bryan
Large lottery prize!! (d6 x 10,000) $20,000.
Roll 2:  Scott Hopson
Death by Car accident
Mega Disaster: Nothing happens.

Round 4
Roll 1:  Eric Gibson
Woohoo in a Photobooth  – Eric Gibson
Roll 2: Russell Fayers
Death by Childbirth
Mega Disaster:
Death: Gina Bryan
Roll dice for type (drowning)

Mini Challenge: Paul Russell – No one ever passed by.
Raging Nymphomaniac: The eldest fertile sim in the house must attempt to Try for Baby with every single sim that comes to the lot. While the sim is pregnant they must woohoo, upon birth they must continue attempting to Try for Baby till the week is up.

Round 5
Roll 1
Justin Ratner: Death by Sizzlin’Spontaneous Combustion Make the Sim into a vampire, then send the Sim into the sun.

Roll 2
Paul Russell
: WINDFALL! Your sims have won the lottery! Motherlode once. Congratulations on your good fortune 😀

Mega Disasters
Michael Hopson
FIRE HITS: You lose everything on the lot. The house and all your stuff. Insurance drags their feet. They don’t address your claim for at least a week. Lucky for you, your neighbors come to your aid and give you a mini fridge, one of each of the lowest cost item folding chair, bed, recliner, toilet, and sink. They give you one weird extreme item such as a bubble blower, DJ booth, flamingo, or any item you next to NEVER put into your game. Its an item that makes you scratch your head wondering WHY the neighbors gave you that item. Extreme: one sim dies from fire.

Mini ChallengeTotally forgot to do this one.
Orchid Fayers:
The ‘Angelina’ Challenge: adopt three toddlers in a row. If you don’t have enough money to adopt, save up until you do. If you don’t have enough room in your household, move some people out.* Once the adopting starts, it has to be three in a row. None of these children are eligible for heir

Round 6 ROS:  Lost in transfer while upgrading computers.

Round 7: