Rules and Regulations

I am following Nepheris‘ BACC rules for this attempt.  Although it is not my preferred way to fail a challenge, I am going to give it a go anyway.

I switched to the original BACC rules in round 3.

BIG thanks goes to Iya and her spreadsheet (which I would probably die without), I am able to actually follow all the class rules perfectly and keep up with the population explosion that is my game!

Sims pay 5% of their total net worth.  Net worth includes house and all businesses.

Taxes are paid on the last day of the season, directly to the Founder, who manages the town’s funds.  The income is transmitted with the use of Monique’s computer into a special bank account.  He will use it to buy all the community lots, help the less fortunate with grants for university and at some point he may also help poor families buy homes.

Marriage License:  $500.
Immigration costs:  $3,000 (when and NPC/townie wants to marry in).
Adoption fees:  $10,000 for babies, $5,000 for toddlers, $3,000 for children.
Fertility Treatments:  For families who have unsuccessfully tried for a baby 5 and women over 35 may seek a consultation from a specialist at a cost of $5,000.  (I am not using inteen, so I will use the sim blender to pollinate).

I will be using an ROS roller starting with Round 2.  I will start with two rolls and move up one roll for every four households after that.  The rolls for the current round can be found on the sidebar, but you will have to keep reading to figure out who affected by it.

I am using Monique’s computer to turn on private school fees. I am leaving it at the default setting and it will automatically advance the children to private school.

It’s that time!  I cannot believe we have our first college student!  Congrats to Ellie Ratner.  This is adapted from Sullivan, Apple Valley and Laurel Crossing.

Shademoor Aptitude Score (SAS):
Hobbies:  Earns 1 SAS point per enthusiasm point with one additional point for max enthusiasm.
Skills:  1 SAS point per skill point with an additional point for a maxed skill.

  • A Grade:  10 SAS points
  • B Grade: 5 points
  • C Grade: 1 point.
  • D or F:  -10 points.


  • Gold Badge: 10 points.
  • Silver Badge: 5 points.
  • Bronze Badge: 1 Point.

Teen Jobs:  A maxed teen job is 1 point.
Extra Skills:  You get one 1 per extra skill studied, i.e., Physiology, Couples Counseling, etc.

Tuition will be based on SAS scores, which will be determined after a few more teens get scored.

Alisha Bryan is technically three years from college, but so far her score is as follows:
Hobby points: 10 points.
Skills: 12 points.
Grade: 10 points (A+)
Badge: None yet.
Teen Job: 0
Extra Skills: 0

Total SAS points:  32

A Sim will need a score of 40 to be able to enroll in university.  If they manage to score 55, they will get half price tuition. If they achieve a score of 70, the O’Hara family will offer them a grant for a full-ride.  The exception to the rule is a teen sim who has an unlocked university want that is present 24-hours prior to their adult birthday.  If that is the case, the sim would have to be able to pay a tuition that is double the regular amount.

Tuition, if under 40 SAS, but with a college want or knowledge aspiration:  $4,000 per semester.
Tuition for 40 SAS points:  $2,000 per semester.
Half price tuition:  $1,000 per semester.

Any student who cannot make their tuition fees will have to immediately drop out.

I am currently using an ROS roller to determine primary and secondary aspirations along with gender preference.

Personality points:
Ellie Ratner is the first to utilize this idea from Sullivan.  Basically, you use the ROS roller to choose traits from one of the parents, an average of the parents or just a random number.
In the case of a random option, I will just leave that number as is.

Town Status:
At the end of each round, I will post up the town status, population and fees collected.

Sims Bios:  
Resident directory will be updated after each post.  It may contain spoilers if you do not read the current chapter first.


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