Sherry O’Hara


Name: Sherry O’Hara
Maiden Name: O’Hara
Life Stage: Teen
Age: 12
Sign: Taurus
Personality: 5/6/2/6/6
Parents:  Olive O’Hara, Tobias O’Hara
Siblings: Andrew O’Hara, Vincent O’Hara, Yvette O’Hara, Regina LewisHans Lewis
Education: Private School
Aspiration: Family/Grilled Cheese
Lifetime want: Earn $100,000, Completed
Secondary LTW: Eat 200 Grilled Cheese
Hobby: Film & Literature

SAS Score:
Eligible for University:
Tuition fees:

Ideal Family Size: 9
Birth Control: No
Gender Preference: Straight

Previous Pictures:

Sims2EP9-2015-04-04-21-57-10-89_thumb.jpgSims2EP9-2015-04-11-19-11-47-83_thumb.jpgSims2EP9 2016-03-13 12-40-38-86


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