5. Ratner

Round 7
Ratner Household

Sims2EP9 2017-09-16 11-36-27-09.jpg

Household:  William Ratner
Siblings:  Moonstar, Jody, and Jarrod
Children:  Ronald and Richard.  Demetria (not in household), one on the way.

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4. Hopson

Round 7
Hopson Household

Welcome back to the Walter’s residence.  This season, the Hopson name will take back over finally.

Household:  Ellen (Walters), Charles (Walters), Michael (Hopson), Kate (Bryan/Hopson), Steve (Walters), Meredith (Walters)

Pet:  Scout.

Sims2EP9 2017-09-03 17-52-33-43

Instead of a family portrait, Charles decides to die instead of pose.  Thanks, Dude.

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1. O’Hara

Round 7
O’Hara Family

After almost a year trying to fix this neighborhood, I finally gave up and even had the thread on Boolprop moved to the graveyard, but then I found the old end of Round 6 file hidden away.

The problem wasn’t that there was any glitches or problems.  It was that I unknowingly got rid of skins and changed eyes and it ruined the genetics of everyone alive.  Last night, I decided to play through one house and see how it went.

Sims2EP9 2017-09-03 01-21-13-13.jpg

I did not get a family portrait, oops.  Here is Sherry and Olive.

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Round 4 Stats


Sims: 83
Households: 14
Playable Sims: 79
Deaths:  4

CAS-Sims Available: 10
Community Lots: 19
* Owned: 16
* NPC: 3
SM: 15
Population: 1,245

Fires: 4
Electrocutions: 1
Graves: 4
Taxes collected:  $1,193,093

University:  UNLOCKED
Business Tycoons: 1
Business District: 1

Adventurer: 1/1 (Orchid Fayers)
Architecture: 1/4 (Paul Russell)
Athletic:  UNLOCKED
Artist: 1/2 (Charles Walters)
Business: UNLOCKED (Tobias O’Hara, Olive O’Hara, Ellen Fayers, Dominic Hollie (TYCOON))
Criminal: 0/1 (Louise Ratner)
Dance: 1/1 (Fern Fayers)
Education: 0/3
Gamer: 1/1 (Lavender Fayers)
Law Enforcement: 1/2 (Justin Ratner)
Medical: UNLOCKED (Joseph Hollie)
Military: UNLOCKED
Natural Scientists: 0/3
Oceanography: 2/3 (Asparagus Fayers, Ashlee Hall)
Slacker: 1/1 (Jamie Bigfoot)

Hot Tub Heaven (Fern Fayers) Rank 10
O’Hara’s Pub (Tobias O’Hara) Rank 1
Hopson’s Arcade (Ellen Hopson) Rank 10
Hopson’s Motors (Ellen Hopson) Rank 5
Pets R US (Orchid Fayers)
Club V (Mable Bryan) Rank 10
Shademoor Bar & Grill (Frank Gibson)
Area 23 (Fern Fayers)
Shademoor National Bank (Justin Ratner)
Shademoor Bakery (Mable Bryan)
Bowling Paradise (Paul Russell)
Fayers Fabulous Fun (Lavender Fayers)
Fayers Fantastic Produce (Orchid Fayers)
Fayers Friendly Barber Shop (Asparagus Fayers)
Fayers Sports Center (Oleander Fayers)
Hollie’s Hideout (Ashlee Hollie)

Community Earned Lots:
Paw Pet Park
Military Base


  • A long hiatus took place towards the end of the round.  Sorry about that.  I took a break from all Sims games to focus on Final Fantasy XIV.
  • We unlocked a University and we saw our first two girls finish out their freshman year with high marks.

ROS Rolls

Roll 1:
Eric Gibson – Woohoo in a photo booth

Roll 2:
Russell Fayers:  Death by Childbirth

Mega Disaster:
Gina Bryan: Death:  Roll dice for type (drowning, electrocution, starvation, fire, illness, etc.)  She rolled drowning.

Mini Challenge:  Paul Russell – Failed because no one ever passed by while Paul was at home.
Raging Nymphomaniac: The eldest fertile sim in the house must attempt to Try for Baby with every single sim that comes to the lot. While the sim is pregnant they must woohoo, upon birth they must continue attempting to Try for Baby till the week is up.